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traducciones a medida

personally adapted translations





About us

Passlingua Translations is a translation agency managed by specialised linguists with a long history in the field of the localisation of texts. We work with an international network of translators, allowing us to offer translation services of the highest quality.

We focus on using the most advanced software to offer the best translations to companies and individuals quickly and efficiently, always delivering the desired results. In addition, we do not apply extra charges for urgent projects.

Passlingua Translations provides a customised service, satisfying the needs of each client. Our clients worldwide are satisfied with their relationship with us, thanks to both the flexibility of our schedules and for the results we offer.

Using our language services lets you save time and money. We work with the best software, ensuring consistency in our translations and allowing us to offer glossaries or translation memories of your texts, which means that we are able to maintain bilingual versions of your texts to use for future orders. Using these translation tools also lets us maintain the formatting of the original document. That's why with us, you start saving from the first order you place. Of course, these databases are unique and strictly confidential, and only the client has access to them.


Technical translations

Technical documents require a great deal of precision and accuracy when translating them. Creating a translation faithful to its original document is the most important challenge.

Our team of technical translators will meet your needs, since we work with specialists in many areas, such as:

construction, electronics, energy, information technology, engineering, mechanics, robotics, telecommunications, transport, and more.

Since the technical world covers a broad range of topics, the technical documents that we usually translate are of a highly diverse nature, from instruction manuals for machines and devices to informative leaflets on products and services, product sheets, technical specifications or production data, among others.

In recent months, we have been providing translations for renewable energy companies, a sector experiencing an ever-increasing boom. Though our customers come from various sectors, there is still one thing they all have in common: they all have confidence in our specialised services, and the satisfaction of the results they obtain.

Ask us for a no-obligation quote, and be the next client to take advantage of our technical translations.


Marketing translations

Our marketing translations capture the attention of your clients using a clear and direct language style. For text for web pages, we offer the possibility to optimise these texts using experts in SEO and SEM, who work to position your website with Internet search engines.

It's not easy to catch the attention of the public with just a single text. Our marketing translators are know this, and will recreate the content if necessary, so that it doesn't read like it has been translated from something else, but instead feels fresh and original, drawing in readers from the very start.

Translate your company's brochures, advertising campaigns, company presentations or new product announcements to expand your customer portfolio in new markets and achieve guaranteed commercial expansion.

Each market has its own economic characteristics, not to mention its own unique social and cultural considerations, which is why it's so important to present your commercial message in the way that is most appropriate and faithful to the original. Ask us for a no-obligation quote, and be the next client to take advantage of our marketing translations.


Legal translations

Our expert legal translators are available to assist you for your legal translations, contracts, wills, notary deeds, legal reports, and any legal documents. We work with numerous law firms at the international level to ensure that your translation is done by experts in the field and to avoid possible misunderstandings.


In addition, regardless of the language you need, we regularly provide a large number of sworn or certified translations in several countries, to meet the demand for any necessary legal or bureaucratic procedures. We will offer you an express service if you need to meet tight or unexpected delivery times.


Other services

At Passlingua Translations, we offer a range of other services related to translation to satisfy all of your needs.


In our Health Sciences Department, we work with experts who have worked for years for the pharmaceutical industry, preparing translations on the basis of the current regulations of the EMA, in strict compliance with current requirements.


We will provide you with an all-inclusive budget that includes sending an interpreter to the location you want in the language you need. Our extensive database will cover any need you may have.


We adapt texts and software to specific markets.


We convert audio files to text documents with precision and accuracy. These documents are literal transcriptions of audio files, including speaker errors, pauses and other sounds that are required to be transcribed, such as noise, coughs, music, etc. These transcripts can be used for various purposes, such as research or, for example, the development and improvement of speech recognition software.


We collaborate with recording studios, offering voice recording services for a multitude of uses. If you would like more information, we can provide test recordings for you to evaluate.


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